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Maintain Yourself  |  2018

Director, Fabricator, Animator, Editor

A stop-motion film in which the animator performs her "beauty" routine on a puppet of herself. By removing these rituals from the contexts in which they are normalized, the film reveals how strange and unsettling they can be. 


SMFA Media Arts Annual, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, 2018

Philly Film Showcase, Philadelphia, PA, 2019

The Women's Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA, 2019

Boston Underground Film Festival, Boston, MA, 2019

Weird Local Film Fest, Somerville, MA, 2019

Palm Springs International ShortFest, Palm Springs, CA, 2019

Anchorage International Film Festival, Anchorage, AK 2019

Grrl Haus Cinema, Berlin, Germany, 2021

MANIPULATE Festival, Scotland, 2021

Film Maudit 2.0, Los Angeles, CA, 2021

Breckenridge Film Festival, Breckenridge, CO, 2021 

Animation Nights New York, 2022


"Winner", SMFA Media Arts Annual, 2018

"Best Animation," The Women's Film Festival, Philadelphia, 2019

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